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The Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District (Park District) seeks your comments and suggestions regarding current and future parks, facilities and programming, as well as future funding priorities. We invite you to join this community conversation, and thank you in advance for your interest and participation.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District is to build a healthy community through effective, sustainable stewardship of the District’s parks and open space, and through the development and delivery of innovative cultural and recreation opportunities.
Grassy park scene with rocks, trees, and a blue sky
Moritani Preserve

Public meetings

Thank you to those who attended the public meetings held June 1 and June 4. We’ll summarize comments from these public meetings, as well as from the online forum, and post the summary online at biparks.org in July.

Meeting participants write notes on flip charts at a public meeting
June 1 Public Meeting Attendees

About the Comprehensive Plan

Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District (Park District) is updating its comprehensive plan, last completed in 2014. 

Since 2014, the Park District accomplished the following in partnership with the community and stakeholder groups:

  • Offered 500 programs and classes for nearly 10,000 participants
  • Partnered in the acquisition of the Hilltop property, leading to completion of the missing trail links for the Cross-Island Trail and connecting the east and west portions of the Grand Forest
  • Purchased Sakai Park and acquired additional park property for the exiting Gazzam Lake Nature Preserve
  • Received two donations of park land, the Moritani Preserve and Red Pine Park, both located in Winslow
  • Renovated Rotary Park ballfields and created Owen’s Playground
  • Constructed docks and completed park renovation at Hidden Cove Park
  • Completed circulation and access improvements at Hawley Cove Park
  • Created 3 new miles of trails, for a total of 36 miles island-wide
  • Participated in the (never ending!) removal of invasive species island-wide

We need your help!

Active public involvement in the comprehensive planning process helps identify community themes and priorities for future goal setting and facility investment. Park comprehensive plans are also important to state agencies for growth management planning as well as maintenance of grant eligibility.

Our pubic involvement process includes:

  • Public meetings June 1 and 4, 2019
  • Online forum June 1-30, 2019
  • Public priorities survey
  • Public comment opportunities at Board meetings

In addition to information gained through the public involvement process, the Park District will inventory conditions and public use of current parks, open space, trails, facilities, and recreation programs. This work will help us identify the goals and objectives for the Bainbridge Island Community.

Shadowy forest with a wooden boardwalk, ferns, trees, and a trail
Fairy Dell Trail

Milestones for completing the update process include:



Public Meetings and Online Forum


Analysis and plan preparation


Park District Board of Commissioners (Board) review


WA State Recreation and Conservation Office review


Final Board review and acceptance



State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review


Board adopts 2020 Comprehensive Plan

Map your Feedback!

About the Map

This interactive map tool displays existing Bainbridge Island parks, trails, and program-related facilities (such as the Aquatic Center and selected schools). The information you share on this map will help us understand your use of existing places, as well as your ideas for the future. If you need a point of reference for specific parks and trails, check out the Parks and Trails Finder; for detailed information on existing facilities, check out the Facilities Finder. Be sure to return to the Feedback Map to leave your comment!

For a better mobile experience, visit the map at Social Pinpoint to share your ideas.

Major Capital Projects

The comprehensive plan identifies potential capital improvements and investments, as well as sources of potential funding, such as, partnership, donation, grant or levy funding. We would particularly value your input on two proposed, major capital projects that may be implemented during this next six-year planning period: Sakai Park and the Aquatic Center-Pool Replacement. Please click to expand the boxes below for project descriptions and feedback questions for each project.

Sakai Park

Purchased in 2015, Sakai Park is 22.8 acres located in Winslow on Madison Ave across from the Bainbridge Island High School, Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center and Ordway Elementary School.

The Sakai Park Concept Plan is based on recommended uses for Sakai Park generated by the community after an extensive 2016 public process. The plan was developed in 2017 with public input and guidance from architects and landscape architects.

A feasibility study is now concluding on the concept plan. The final draft and formal presentation of this study will be presented to the park board, June 6. This study develops the concept plan for implementation of the Sakai Park and includes schematic designs for the facilities, estimated capital costs, and an operational study.

As provided for in the concept plan, trails planned for in the upland and natural area are under review by permitting agencies and a tentative construction date is scheduled for autumn 2019.

See below for the concept plan where site plan elements are identified. View the Sakai Park Concept Plan in its entirety (view the appendix).

Bainbridge Parks - TEMP - ooh cap projects survey - Sakai

Share your level of interest 
Note: Trails and natural areas are provided in the Sakai Concept Plan.  Permitting for trails is underway.
1. Please indicate which elements most interest you:
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3. Please select your level of interest for implementing the Sakai Park Concept Plan:
Community Priority
4. The development of Sakai Park will require funding from various public and private sources. Funding sources would include public grants, private fundraising, and most likely a voter approved bond. While cost estimates are reflected in the feasibility study, no formal funding plan has been adopted. We are interested in learning how high of a priority this project is to the Bainbridge Island community. Within the context of other Park District capital investment priorities and potential need for tradeoffs, please indicate how high of a priority the development of Sakai Park is to you:

Aquatic Center

In February 2015, the Bainbridge Island community voted in favor of purchasing the Sakai property located in the heart of the island, directly across the street from the current aquatic center. The Park District conducted an extensive public outreach process to determine the public’s interest in ideas for the new site. One of the community’s priorities was a 52-meter pool to replace the aging Ray Williamson lap pool.

In summer 2017, the District commissioned Aquatic Design Group Inc to complete an assessment of the Ray Williamson pool and surrounding structure. The study confirmed the pool was beyond its useful life and no longer meeting the community’s programming needs. The study also proposed three alternatives to address the aging structure and programmatic challenges. After reviewing the assessment study, the Park District’s Board of Commissioners decided to pursue a feasibility study to determine the operational and construction costs of the three proposed alternatives. In addition to the study, the Park Commissioners determined that a replacement facility should remain at the same location as the current Aquatic Center as opposed to the Sakai property across the street.

This past February, Coates Design Group Inc presented the results of the pool feasibility study. The study outlined site analysis, conceptional floor plans, proposed operational costs and estimated construction costs for the three alternatives. Full details of the study can be found on the Park District website. The three proposed alternatives address varying issues originally identified in the Aquatic Design Group study. Each alternative includes the follow core elements:

  • Recreation/ Competition lap pool
  • Locker rooms
  • Designated spectator seating
  • Pool deck sizing to accommodate varying aquatic competitions
  • Multipurpose rooms for education programming
  • Offices and parking
Inside of Ray Williamson Pool with flags above the racing lanes and a swimmer in one lane
Ray Williamson Pool

Slide through images below to see renderings of the three alternatives

Bainbridge Parks - TEMP - ooh cap projects survey - pool

Share your level of interest 
1. Please indicate which pool alternative you prefer, and tell us why:
Community Priority
3. The pool replacement project would require funding from various public and private sources. Funding sources would include public grants, private fundraising, and most likely a voter approved bond. The full build-out of the largest pool option is estimated to cost up to $40 million to develop. We are interested in learning how high of a priority this project is to the Bainbridge Island community. Within the context of other Park District capital investment priorities and potential need for tradeoffs, please indicate how high of a priority the replacement of the Ray Williamson Pool is to you:

Parks and Recreation Programs

Since 2014, the Park District has offered nearly 500 programs and classes involving nearly 10,000 participants. We provide a wide spectrum of opportunities for community members to pursue their interests, with programs spanning all ages. We’d like your feedback on current programming, and your thoughts about any future programming needs you would like to see us meet. To reference current program offerings, please see our course catalog.

Bainbridge Parks - TEMP - ooh cap projects survey - programs

Share your feedback 

Your Priorities 

The Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District (Park District) is updating its Comprehensive Plan and needs your help to determine what is most important to our community related to parks, facilities, trails and programs.

The Comprehensive Plan outlines agency goals and is used to make program decisions and determine future capital projects. We update the plan every six years based in part on insights from park and recreation users regarding preferences for parks, programs, and facilities. Answering the survey should take less than 10 minutes. Please tell us about your priorities within each of the categories below, such as water access, sports facilities, trails, etc. Your input will help us better understand your interests as part of the Park District. Thank you for taking a few moments to answer the questions below: